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Dom här sidorna innehåller bilder jag själv har tagit, transkriptioner av fills och solon spelade av Buddy, ljudklipp och bidrag från andra fans. Har DU något du vill bidra med får du mer än gärna maila ditt material till mig. Om du har nåt du vill att jag ska försöka transkribera, kontakta mig!

Läs Gästboken! Där finns massor med andra BR-fans med sina egna minnen av konserter, Cathy Rich's kommentarer osv...


These pages contain pictures I've taken, some a little unusual maybe, of Buddy, sound clips and transcriptions of fills and solos. I don't claim to be the photographer of pictures I didn't take even if pictures like that are to be found here as well thanks to contributions from all over the world and nice people out there who have found this site. These parts of the site are improving all the time! If YOU have something to share with other BR-fans, please mail your material to me. If you want me to try to transcribe something Buddy played, let me know.

View the Guestbook! There are many other fans who write something nice there. People with their own memories of BR, Cathy Rich's comments etc... interesting!


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