Live recordings with "Radio King" drums

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Live recordings with "Radio King" drums

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I'm very lucky to play with a great jazz trio in Anchorage, Alaska, and we also do monthly "guest artist" concerts, featuring mostly artists from Seattle. I've posted a few of these recordings from the concerts on my home page, at

These recordings were made live, using only a single (AKG "Perception 100") condensser mic., hung in front of the band, and run into a Tascam 2488 MKII. (no effects, no editing, no mixing) The drums are a set of 1938 Slingerland "Radio Kings", except that on these tunes I was playing a (4" X 14") Slingerland "Buddy Rich Model", from 1970. All white-coated Remo "Diplomat" heads with no muffling. The bass drum (24") uses white-coated Remo "Ambassodor" heads, with a simple felt strip behind each head.

The interesting thing about the first three tunes is that this is just a (keyboard, bass, and drums) trio. Everything else you hear, including guitar, trumpet, and even a piano solo, comes from Michael Powers, who plays a ("Frame Works") MIDI controller guitar. (recorded 03-18-07)

Here are the direct links:

• 'Round Midnight -

• In A Sentimental Mood -

• Blues You Can Use -

• Red Clay (with Seattle trumpet player, Owuor Arunga) recorded live, 02-18-07 - (This one has a drum solo included.)

Hope you guys enjoy these.
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