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by Roger Berg


First of all, you need RealPlayer from RealAudio to hear most of these files. Get the latest RealPlayer for Windows/Linux/Mac here:

Besides, this page is not here to substitute for buying the real thing, so if you like anything here go out and buy the CD. I may, eventually, provide information/links about the clips so it shouldn't be too difficult to find this stuff.


El Rancho Grande, November 3, 1939 Café Rouge Hotel PA

I'd like to start out with a favorite of mine from Buddy's first big time job with Artie Shaw. Some of you may agree that's where it all took off. Let's not forget for instance Marsala and Berigan though. It took me a long time of wondering what really happened during a couple of two bar periods in this clip until I boosted the bass a little bit to discover that Buddy's playing bass drum fills! Now, this may not seem like a big deal today with all double bass drum pedals around, but this was 1939! The song is "(Alla En) El Rancho Grande"

for the drum fills and ending alone. Length 00.47

if you want to hear the whole song. There are as always with Shaw's band great section playing and great solos. Buddy really swings and plays around a lot with bass drum figures! Length 3.34.

The transcription will come soon.

Yah Gotta Try, Europe 77
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Have you heard Buddy's incredible left hand feature fill in Yah Gotta Try from the CD "BR and his Orchestra Europe 77"? It knocked me off my feet first time I heard it. ...still does...

Length 1.10

The transcription will come here, I just have to find it and scan it.

Bugle Call Rag, 'The Chez', Hollywood, California
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I suppose we're all familiar with Bugle Call Rag from the Big Swing Face record. By the way, if you only have the LP, go out and get the CD! It includes nine good bonus tracks. The solo transcription was given to me by a good friend some time ago. I don't know where it comes from, so if anyone think it shouldn't be here on this site, let me know. The transcription misses a lot of Buddy's typical playing, such as rim shots, but nevertheless, it takes a lot of effort to play it the way it is written! It's in four pages/jpgs, so I would suggest you print all four pages and then listen to the solo.

Length 3.16

Transcription Page1 Page 2 Page3 Page 4

Diga, Diga Doo

John Watson wrote the following in the guest book a little while ago: "It's great to find a site devoted to my idol, mentor and the best drummer ever bar non. You should check out the breaks in Shaw's broadcast versions of 'Diga Diga Do' and 'At Sundown' No one but Rich could have thought of these let alone played them. Keep up the great work your doing. Young drummers MUST be made aware of Buddy."

...I couldn't say it better myself! So I looked in my files and, at least to start with, came up with four takes with Artie Shaw's band and Buddy playing Diga Diga Doo. Buddy joined Artie December 24, 1938. If we can rely on the record companies liner notes, the last session Artie did with George Wettling on drums was a broadcast from the Blue Room of the Hotel Lincoln, New York on December 23. The first recording I have with Buddy on drums is from December 25...

Length 2.04 Download The first take of Diga Diga Doo is from January 8, 1939.
Length 2.03 Download The second take is from February 19, 1939
Length 2.22 Download The third take is from May 7, 1939. Now the arrangement features an extended drums solo. UNFORTUNATELY, there are two cuts in the tape the record company has used. They do not come from my record!! If someone has access to an uncut version... LET ME KNOW!!
Length 2.43 Download The fourth take is from November 11, 1939. The tempo is slower, but it sure proves that it's not a fast tempo that makes it swing!


Sugarfoot Stomp-Krupa/At Sundown-Rich

John mentioned "At Sundown" too. Here's what you should listen to. Mel Tormé mention talking to Buddy about playing other drummer's fills... Buy the book - I have a few copies. E-mail me. For now, check this out.

Download Listen to this first drum fill played by Gene Krupa September 6, 1937.
Download Then listen to what Buddy played October 25, 1939...
Download Here's the whole Goodman/Krupa thing: Sugarfoot Stomp
Download Here's the whole Shaw/Rich thing: At Sundown


Well, Git It!

I found a CD with the soundtrack from the picture "Du Barry Was a Lady". It features Tommy Dorsey's band with Buddy on drums. The video's been available for purchase and I got a copy, probably the last one. I believe it's no longer available. We have all heard the traditional take of Well, Git It! but this take has extended solos and swings like mad!

Length 3,36

Drum Solo Played by the Great "Big Sid" Catlett

I heard this solo on a Swedish radio show. I mentioned in my flaming speech to Joel on the index page in the end of November '98 that drumming started a lot earlier than in the sixties. This is a great example of that. It's also an example of one of Buddy's inspirations. I just love the way Big Sid plays.

Hot Spots:

  • When he changes to drumsticks at 2.45.
  • Note that during the 8 bars starting at 2,47 he only plays one syncopated beat in the 8th bar. What I'm saying is: We're overdoing it these days, guys!! Simple is better!
  • The playfulness at 3,00 (have we heard Buddy play something similar during some of his long solos...?)
  • The powerhouse kicking in at 3,35
  • He's not crashing any cymbals at all (except for some hi hats earlier) until 4,07 when he plays them. The crash first comes at the very last beat of the solo!!

Length 5,28

Sing Sing Sing, album Rich vs. Roach

BigEd at the Buddy Rich Study Niche (page from web archive) sent this clip to me on January 4, 2000. The clip is only 15 seconds long, but it sure took a while to transcribe!

Here's my transcription of what Buddy plays!


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The Grendals Lair files!


... more to come!! Eventually...

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