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This is a list of commercially available BR CDs. Some are no longer available, others are not yet in this listing. The point is that some CDs contain the same material and if you're not a collector of different CD covers, you may find it a bit unnecessary to buy the same CD multiple times. There is also one absolute "no-no" listed here! Don't buy it - I have released a version for download instead!

I need help, though! This is not a complete list. The base of this page is a couple of years old, things have happened... If you have a CD that's missing here, let us know! If you can scan it and e-mail to us, would be a great help for everybody!


Anatomy of Jam Session     The Best Band I Ever Had  
anatomy-f.jpg (20309 byte) anatomy-b.jpg (30065 byte)   bestbandieverhad-f.jpg (19066 byte) bestbandieverhad-b.jpg (23791 byte)
Big Band Machine     Big Swing Face  
bigbandmachine-f.jpg (17092 byte) bigbandmachine-b.jpg (18839 byte)   bigswingface-f.jpg (19808 byte) bigswingface-b.jpg (34593 byte)
BR & His Orchestra     Buddy & Soul  
brorchestra-f.jpg (34118 byte) brorchestra-b.jpg (25815 byte) A new release with bonus tracks of "Buddy & Soul" is out  buddyandsoul-f.jpg (19387 byte) buddyandsoul-b.jpg (27689 byte)
BR and Sweets Edison     Burning For Buddy, Vol 1  
buddyandsweets-f.jpg (25831 byte) buddyandsweets-b.jpg (27236 byte)   burnin1-f.jpg (22270 byte) burnin1-b.jpg (29673 byte)
Burning For Buddy, Vol 2     Compact Jazz - BR  
burnin2-f.jpg (26153 byte) burnin2-b.jpg (31020 byte)   compactjazz-f.jpg (21145 byte) compactjazz-b.jpg (18500 byte)
Ease On Down The Road     Europe 77  
easeondowntheroad-f.jpg (32906 byte) easeondowntheroad-b.jpg (22917 byte)   europe77-f.jpg (29130 byte) europe77-b.jpg (32619 byte)
Great Moments     BR Big Band - Grendals Lair  
greatmoments-f.jpg (27539 byte) greatmoments-b.jpg (26460 byte) Do NOT buy this CD on the right side! It's recorded on a Walkman. On CD, the speed is TOO SLOW! Click here for the download page! grendal-f.jpg (25957 byte) grendal-b.jpg (29934 byte)
Groove Merchant     Illusion  
groovemerchant-f.jpg (22601 byte) groovemerchant-b.jpg (21455 byte)   illusion-f.jpg (42421 byte) illusion-b.jpg (136913 byte)
Just Sings     Compact Jazz - Gene Krupa & BR  
justsings-f.jpg (25066 byte) justsings-b.jpg (24918 byte)   kruparichcompactjazz-f.jpg (23463 byte) kruparichcompactjazz-b.jpg (18185 byte)
Krupa & Rich     Legendary '47 - '48 Orchestra  
kruparich-f.jpg (25524 byte) kruparich-b.jpg (33382 byte)   legendaryvol1-f.jpg (23689 byte) legendaryvol1-b.jpg (27117 byte)
Legendary 46-48 Orchestras, vol 2     Live at Ronnie Scott's. Aka Man from Planet Mars (LP)  
legendaryvol2-f.jpg (24481 byte) legendaryvol2-b.jpg (30537 byte)   liveatronniescott-f.jpg (22997 byte) liveatronniescott-b.jpg (21708 byte)
Mercy, mercy, mercy     No Jive  
mercy-f.jpg (36890 byte) mercy-b.jpg (30715 byte)   nojive-f.jpg (20791 byte) nojive-b.jpg (33021 byte)
One Night Stand     Playtime  
onenightstand-f.jpg (22477 byte) onenightstand-b.jpg (29738 byte)   playtime-f.jpg (23255 byte) playtime-b.jpg (30653 byte)
Rags To Riches     Rich And Famous  
ragstoriches-f.jpg (22889 byte) ragstoriches-b.jpg (22700 byte)   richandfamous-f.jpg (41582 byte) richandfamous-b.jpg (26723 byte)
Buddy Rich/Maynard Ferguson     Sounds of '66  
richferguson-f.jpg (33212 byte) richferguson-b.jpg (33107 byte)   soundsof66-f.jpg (27008 byte) soundsof66-b.jpg (34320 byte)
At Stadshalle Leonberg     Swingin' New Big Band/Keep The Customer Satisfied  
stadshalle-f.jpg (27986 byte) stadshalle-b.jpg (30845 byte) On the right hand CD, Basically Blues is a CUT version, 2 theme choruses are missing in the beginning. Tracks 1-8 are the original "Swingin' New Big Band", Tracks 9-15 are the original "Keep The Customer Satisfied" album. swingin'keep-f.jpg (25030 byte) swingin'keep-b.jpg (29457 byte)
Swingin' New Big Band     Take It Away  
swingin'newbigband-f.jpg (18273 byte) swingin'newbigband-b.jpg (32989 byte) On the left hand CD, Basically Blues is OK! Tracks 1-8 are the original "Swingin' New Big Band", Tracks 9-17 are never before released bonuses. takeitaway-f.jpg (30871 byte) takeitaway-b.jpg (28974 byte)
The New One!     The Roar Of '74  
thenewone-f.jpg (31985 byte) thenewone-b.jpg (28574 byte)   theroarof74-f.jpg (28089 byte) theroarof74-b.jpg (28219 byte)
This One's For Basie     Time Being  
thisonesforbasie-f.jpg (23669 byte) thisonesforbasie-b.jpg (31335 byte)   timebeing-f.jpg (29849 byte) timebeing-b.jpg (30218 byte)
Tuff Dude     Vdisc  
tuffdude-f.jpg (21797 byte) tuffdude-b.jpg (18416 byte)   vdisc-f.jpg (23110 byte) vdisc-b.jpg (30193 byte)
Very Live at Buddy's Place     Who's Who in Jazz  
veryliveatbuddysplace-f.jpg (26126 byte) veryliveatbuddysplace-b.jpg (29572 byte)   whoswho-f.jpg (24874 byte) whoswho-b.jpg (30455 byte)




05 jun 2007